Friday, May 14, 2010

Occupied Thoughts

Occupied Thoughts

Swooping, soaring, darting, diving;  

Swallows in the bright blue Hebron sky,

Celebrating being, celebrating being free.

Swooping above the gates, bars and guard booths,

Soaring above the Israeli soldiers and their checkpoints.

The contrast ever so vivid this morning, as three heavily armed Israeli soldiers surround a young boy on his way to school and rummage through his back-pack.

When will it end?  When will children and their teachers here be able to walk to school without having to pass through the military checkpoints of the occupying army every day?  When will people in the Old City feel secure in their homes, no longer worrying that soldiers will walk uninvited through their homes and across their rooftops?

When will the soldiers turn their eyes toward the morning sky, see the joyful swallows, connect the conscience dots and go back to Tel Aviv?


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