Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tuesday, March 9. Tel Aviv.

Tuesday, March 9, Tel Aviv. Dusk

Walked with Marcey along the beach by the sea. The beach is filled with young people strolling, couples playing "matkot" -- batting a hard ball back and forth with a wooden paddle—"matkot.. "Matkot." You can almost hear the sound. Groups of kids are hanging out together. Hugging each other. Laughing. Joviality takes over the beach in this early heat wave. Three guys under a bright orange umbrella ask us to pose with them for a photo. They tell us they're from Elat. They throw in a little English with their Hebrew. The landscape abounds in color. Yemenite Jews, Moroccan Jews, Ethiopians, Argentinians; Europeans, Americans, Canadians. Everyone sports light summer clothing. Girls in midriffs, boys in cut-offs. Some kids plunge into the cold water, climb onto a sea wall of rocks, walk out onto the wall as if walking out to the horizon. "Let's rest here awhile," Marcey suggests, so we sit on the sand and feel the warm breeze sweep over us, watch the beach lights flicker across the sand, the lights of the high-rises by the side of the beach. Only a few years earlier wood shacks stood along these Mediterranean sands that stretch from Jaffa and Tel Aviv to Haifa. If we walked north along the beach, we'd reach Haifa and south, Jaffa. We watch the sun set in a sky that seems to go on forever, a limitless horizon.


Tuesday evening. On returning to Marcey's apartment, I read a note from Claire in Bethlehem.

To come to my place it's easy I will show you how. .When you will enter Bethlehem from the check point 300 it's from the main entrance you need to walk straight follow the wall it needs just 4 or 5 minutes to walk. Then if you walk and see the wall continue to find the house who's surrounded with from three sides with walls. You can call me by any one they will help you.


  1. Jane, have enjoyed reading your blog from here in Singapore, also high rises everywhere here with many more construction cranes in the sky. Good luck with your trip and your writing,Cynthia.

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